Apart from kitchen cabinets, it is also important to make suitable choices of countertops. I looked for a material which is scratch-resistant, heat resistant, stain, and water resistant. Well, the choice of material for countertop would impact my choice of sink. Stone countertops are perhaps the best choices regarding durability and appeal. As I was on a good budget, I looked for granite countertop. My interior designer told me that granite is the top material choice for kitchen countertop that would last forever. It exudes elegance and is available in a variety of color options. I went for matte finish granite countertop as it looked great with the walls. You may not know, but granite has great hardness rating which is just after diamond.

I would suggest you that if the kitchen is spacious, you may choose bigger cabinets to store expensive cookware. On the other hand, countertops must be of stone.